Benefits of using organic henna for hair color

Has your hair fall problem increased after you have started using artificial hair dyes? Do you want a natural solution to color gray hair that doesn’t have an effect on your hair and scalp adversely? If your answer is yes to those questions then the only solution is to switch on to Organic Henna.thats why many hair salons use the organic henna for hair colour. Organic hair colour Singapore is one of the salon which uses only organic henna for hair colouring.

Organic henna is the perfect solution for this! Not only organic henna ideal for you to colour your hair in an orange-red colour, it also conditions your hair and prevents breakage.

There are 5 benefits of using organic henna for hair color

  • Organic Henna includes hennotannicacid further to lawsone that acts as a natural coloring agent. When mixed with warm water and applied, they coat the hair strands. Henna additionally has gallic acid, tannic acid, and mucilage. Henna helps to prevent hair damage because of dangerous ultraviolet radiation. It additionally has bacterial, fungicide and astringent characteristics. Along with treating dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema, it additionally promotes hair growth.
  • When you apply henna on your hair, it seals the oil within your hair and scalp and tightens the hair cuticle thus making it more nourished and strong. The end result is which you are able to see that your hair is shinier and healthy after conditioning with henna.
  • Another gain of the use of henna as your hair coloring agent is that it does not adversely change your hair color. It is rather mild in terms of coloring and so, it seems very natural! Also, the hair coloring outcomes last for about three months.
  • Not simply this, making use of organic henna in your scalp has a very best cooling effect. It helps to regulate body heat by removing excess. It additionally acts as a relaxant and allows inducing proper sleep when applied on scalp.
  • Henna is thoughtto slow down hair graying and is secure to be used by pregnant women additionally.

Organic henna does not contains harmful chemical compounds

Many other henna products which might be synthetically produced as hair dyes and the one’s products that claim to use herbal henna essence add silver nitrate, carmine, pyrogallol; disperse orange dye, and chromium in pre-mixed dyes.

The problem with using the products containing these chemicals is that they’re highly capable of causing inflammatory reactions and chronic allergic situations. Many of these reactions may also be past due onset reactions that aren’t visible straight away. These have posed intolerance problems and hypersensitive reactions in many after they use hair setting and styling products.

Black henna is not henna

It is a common misconception that black henna is made from henna. In fact, it’s far derived from indigo and can also include a number of dangerous chemicals. It stains hair and pores and skin in black shade fast. However, it is regarded to purpose destructive reactions additionally. Partly fermented indigo dye or black henna could be mixed with natural henna to dye the hair black.

People prefer black henna wondering it’s an herbal variant of henna that stains their black as instead of orange. Mostly, products selling black henna for dyeing contain para phenylene diamine that is a harsh chemical that could cause adverse side effects that last for long.

How to use natural henna for hair coloring?

If you would love to have the orange-purple color demise, take three spoons of organic Henna powder and blend with three tablespoons of warm water to form a paste. You need not add any components to this paste. You can directly apply this mixture to your scalp and hair.

You need not be worried about henna being applied out in your scalp because it heals the scalp and treats dandruff issues if present. As for your hair, it conditions hair strands, prevents breakage, therapies break up ends and restores healthy shine and strength.

Due to its beneficial character many hair spa uses the henna as hair colour. you may think that this would be expensive since it is a organic product. if you are looking for organic hair spa at your affordable price then your choice would be Organic hair dye Singapore.