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Advantages of an office renovation

An office restoration or renovation may seem like a massive task to undertake, but a properly considered fit-out can bring about long-lasting benefits for a company and their employees.  In this post, we look at 5 benefits that our company could see from an office renovation in Singapore.

Employee happiness

When we look at our office space it is vital to take into account one key concern – those who use it every day.  Our employees and their happiness can have an impact on our profits.  It sounds simple, but companies must strive to make the working environment as easy as possible for their workers.  A well thought out office renovation can turn our existing office into a comfortable working environment that keeps our employees happy and motivated. Providing our workers with good furniture can help them feel that the company cares about their wellbeing.

Company image

The old cliché “we never get a second chance to make a first impression” rings true here.  An office renovation should incorporate our company branding and show clients that we care about how our business is seen by others.  For example, if we are a creative agency then clients will expect this to show through in our office space. Just make sure our office has that wow factor!  Take a look at some office refurbishment case studies to get our ideas flowing.

Company culture

When planning an office fit-out, it should be remembered that the design of our office, and how it is seen by our employees, will help to create a specific company culture.  The culture of a company will greatly influence employee happiness and productivity.

If we feel like we currently do not have a strong company culture then we should consider designing our office with a specific theme that reflects our company’s beliefs and values.

The layout

We have brainstormed some ideas, and we have a vision of what would like our office to look like.  Now it is important to consider the layout, so our employees can easily move around the office and utilize space efficiently.

Attracting passing trade

Many retail businesses rely on passers-by for their custom.  Having an eye-catching and engaging design for our business or offices could mean the difference between securing them as a customer or them walking by. Many businesses, especially those that are retail based, delay their office renovations as they fear it will take too long and impact their trade. But, in authenticity, by working with a professional office renovation band the works can be undertaken out of hours when no one is in the office and is most convenient for us.


We have outlined 5 benefits your company can expect to see from renovating your office.  Brainstorming ideas, speaking to employees and getting a professional and knowledgeable office fit-out company on board will ensure we are left with an efficient and well-designed office. To find out more about our retail shop renovation in Singapore click here.



Good Qualities of a Cleaning Maid

Why is it so hard to find people these days? The phrase “Good help is hard to find” is especially true when it comes to maid agency in Singapore. Cleaning your home is such a personal thing. Everyone likes for things to be cleaned differently, different cleaning supplies used, and the timing to be on their own schedule. That is why it is so difficult to recommend a home cleaning service or to say that someone is good for everyone. There are some things, however, that are crucial for a cleaning service to make the mark.


It takes a first-rate amount of self-discipline to consistently deliver top quality performance to customers even in something as basic as cleaning, where overall performance clearly declines over time. It takes the area to be constantly punctual, show up at customers’ premises rain, snowfall or shine and see assigned tasks when the natural tendency is to do otherwise. It takes subject to pursue and complete a Masters full-time while working 30+ hours every week in something as physically (and mentally) demanding as cleaning. Discipline transcends occupations.


This is clear. Cleaning up after peoples humbles you, for many reasons, for the public, cleaners are at the bottom of the chain and it is very difficult now not to peer how “small” you are when you do cleaning. This is a mindset that I think all people want, because best with humility can we continually enhance. Only humble humans can develop and turn out to be extra than they are. Only humble human beings can research. Only humble people can keep open thoughts to opportunities past their field of revel in. Only humble human beings can create new things. Which occupation does no longer want humility?


This may additionally seem to contradict the concept of humility, however in reality, who is without a doubt humble unless they have something to be proud about? As a cleaner, you need to be confident of who you are and be capable of separate who you are from society’s thought of you, that is dependent on what you do. If you allow your self to be defined by way of what society thinks of you, you are internally defeated and once you are internally defeated, the nice of your work suffers. As a cleanser, you want to take satisfaction within the paintings you do and recognize that despite the fact that others do not appreciate you tons for it, it is miles profitable.


A desirable cleaner needs to be present. At top maid agency in Singapore, we always say that people ought to convey their complete selves to work. It is not just a bodily activity. It is intellectual as well as spiritual. Discretion requires using your instinct, that is part mental. If you are not present, you need to of necessity do a poor job. Cleaning allows one to practice being present.After regular court cases about your work, you either check the presence or leave. Do not all of us love people who are simply present? There is a serenity about them that is contagious and you may be sure that when they are doing something, they’re now not doing something else. When they are here, they are right here, now.


This is perhaps the biggest quality in cleaning. Who desires to give everybody gets admission to their area, their lives, their statistics, their belongings if they can not be trusted? No, be counted how suitable a cleaning corporation is in terms of a fine of labor, accept as true with is what determines who constantly wins with customers and gets rave critiques. Intuitively, most customers understand that it all comes all the way down to trustworthiness and now not the dimensions of the employer or the age of the business enterprise. clients should trust us to do a very good job, to care for their area, their belongings, their statistics, to be honest, and open about what we can or can not do and to keep up our word. Our workforce needs to be trustworthy for us to hold our customers’ trust. Trustworthiness is a quality cleaner need and it is far pleasant in very brief supply in our world.


Types of Knife and Advantages of utilizing vegetable slicer

A Japanese Knife in Singapore is an instrument with a front line or cutting edge, hand-held or something else, with most having a handle. A few sorts of Knives are utilized as utensils, including Knives utilized at the eating table (e.g., spread Knives and Steak Knives) and Knives utilized as a part of the kitchen (e.g., paring Knife, bread cut, and knife).

Chef’s knife: Slice, dice and chop effortlessly. This Knife will make you feel like an expert gourmet specialist in your own kitchen.

Utility Knife: From cutting or coring products of the soil to trimming overabundance fat, this will be the Knife you go after consistently.

Paring Knife: Small yet unfaltering, this Knife is ideal for cutting little products of the soil without breaking a sweat.

Bird’s beak paring Knife: Great for trimmings or assignments where exactness is vital. Likewise perfect for peeling round products of the soil, permitting a greater amount of the cutting edge to come into contact with the surface of the nourishment.

Boning Knife: This sharp, dexterous and adaptable edge gives you finish control and certainty when separating an entire chicken or butterflying pork or sheep hacks.

Butcher Knife: The wide midsection and clasp purpose of this Knife take into account exactness when portioning and trimming bigger cuts of meat, and bigger organic products like melon, squash, and pineapple.

Carving Knife: Make thin, smooth, even cuts of turkey, chicken or ham. Additionally, utilize it to unquestionably cut bigger foods grown from the ground like melons and eggplant.

Cheese knife: Designed to coast through an assortment of cheeses. The punctures along the sharp edge avert staying and the adjusted tip is extraordinary for spreading delicate cheddar.

Hardy slicer: Perfect for slicing through little pumpkins, oak seed squash, pepperoni and hard cheddar, this current Knife’s thicker sharp edge and Double-D® edge will permit you to confront even the hardest employments with all the trust on the planet.

Sheep’s Foot Paring Knife: A marginally bent edge takes into consideration longer cuts and straighter cuts. A slanted edge tip assists with mind boggling cutting.

Spatula Spreader: With it’s adaptable, stainless steel cutting edge and Double-D® edge, blend, mix, spread, cut and present with simply this one Knife.

Advantages of utilizing vegetable slicer:

  • Efficient: Not any more remaining for a considerable length of time in the kitchen interminable hacking vegetables. Enter the universe of awesome vegetable slicer in Singapore and it just is by all accounts the end to all your kitchen issues. At the point when housewives grumble about taking hours in the kitchen to set up a tolerable dinner, it all truly boils down to how much time it takes to cut the vegetables in any case. With a slicer, your work time can be decreased to half. Once the vegetables are cut or slashed, your opportunity to set up a dish consequently decreases.
  • Consistency: The best part about a vegetable slicer is the way uniform your vegetable cuts or pieces will be. In the event that you cut a tomato for a sandwich, you will see that the red rounds are pretty much a similar thickness. When it is altogether cut up, there is a sure joy that is determined when you see them consistently stacked up and prepared for your sandwiches!
  • Distinctive cutting edges: Regardless of whether you need thin or thick cuts, wedges, pieces or ground, vegetable slicers today accompany shifted alternatives. Because of the sharp edge connections that join the fundamental slicer, you are spoilt for decision when you utilize them.
  • No Knife issues: Terrible Knife abilities are naturally overlooked with vegetable slicers! So you needn’t stress over culinary attitudes regarding cutting and slashing, on the grounds that your vegetable slicer truly does all the work for you.
  • Simple Maintenance: A vegetable slicer is frequently than not a simple contraption to keep up. Since it must be physically dealt with, once the spiralizer is utilized, washing it is basic also. Overhauling is not required since it is not battery worked or an electrical gadget of any kind.


Hiring a maid through an agency

Selecting an agency

It is vital to choose the right agency to help you hire a maid in Singapore. A listing of licensed maid agencies is available at the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) internet site. The MoM additionally offers all of the important information regarding the hiring of maids in Singapore and the legalities that go along with it.

When you go to an agency you will be matched up with maids that suit your requirements. They will be able to set up for a Skype or phone interview with a capability maid. Be certain to offer a listing of your requirements to the employer, your necessities can consist of the maid’s preferred age and nationality, in case you want her to realize a way to prepare dinner. Do you want her to be a nanny too? All those questions are critical whilst hiring a maid via an agency as they may do their quality to match your requirements to the unique talents of the maid.

Once you’ve got chosen the maids which you want to interview via the best maid agency in Singapore you may have to prepare a listing of interview questions with a purpose to gauge whether the lady you are interviewing is right to work closely with you and your family. There are many questions that you could ask to find out more approximately the woman you may rent, you’ll additionally be able to investigate her know-how of your language and her abilities.

The Interview

There is much stuff you may discover approximately a capacity employee by using the questions that you ask, so we’ve got compiled a listing of pattern interview questions for you:

  1. Why do you need to be a home employee?
  2. Why do you need to relocate to Singapore?
  3. Will you be sending cash domestic? – This question can let you know approximately the extent of dedication that your maid can have depending on her responsibilities returned home.
  4. Ask approximately her talents, can she use a hoover and an iron. Does she recognize the way to separate clothes for washing (thoughts you, you can train her these things too)? Can she prepare dinner?? Can she cook dinner food that your circle of relatives will like (ask her to describe how she might put together spaghetti bolognese)?
  5. Ask her approximately her preceding revel in – you can ask her about her responsibilities, how she handled naughty children etc.
  6. Ask her what she expects her paintings environment to be like and what an afternoon in her life as a domestic helper could look like – this may help you gauge what kind of paintings she is used to and what you may educate her. It can even show the hours she is used to operating.
  7. Finally, as a business enterprise, you need to talk your expectancies with the woman. You can gauge her response while you say that she has to arise at 6 am to help with the college run prep or to assist with the baby.
  8. Ask her what she desires on the subject of communicating along with her own family returned home; it’s better to ask logistical questions like this so you recognize what she requires and what you’re capable of providing.

The questions above are just samples and also you need to encompass greater private statistics approximately you or your potential worker. The interview will assist you to determine who you’re comfy to lease.