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Things we should know about ceiling fans

Having a fan installed in all our rooms is strongly suggested. Some people these days are not much interested in buying paddle fans since they have their own ACs installed. However, an AC is not a device which is suited during the nippier season ahead. Besides, it is not economic and increases our power bills substantially. A designer fan in Singapore has a number of advantages. So, installing them is a necessity, irrespective of our status or our decor.

Here is a quick look at the major benefits of ceiling fans:


Fans keep the rooms airy and breezy. They not just provide coolness but also disallow stuffiness to set in. In a hot summer day, when you need to keep sweat at bay, we can rely on these fans to do the job for us.

Improve the decor:

Modern fans not just run smoothly but also improve our decor. Most of the fans sold by branded companies are high-class in terms of efficiency and tremendously rich in sheer looks. The great designs can add perfection to our ceilings and heighten the beauty of the rooms.

Reduce the power bill:

Fans have an added advantage over an AC in the cost department. While our air conditioning system can be very pocket pinching and will definitely shoot up our electric bills, a fan would bring down the expenses heavily.

Can be complemented with an AC:

We do not need to uninstall our ACs to install the paddle fans. Fans go hand in hand with the air conditioners. In fact, the well-planned houses of modern times use both the devices so that the user can shift from one to the other as per his need and as per the weather.

Acts as a backup:

Besides, having a fan also helps us curtail our dependence on an AC. If the AC suffers from a break down, then we would be left huffing and panting in the sultry summer afternoon. It is best to have a backup in the form of a ceiling fan.

Can keep flies away:

One more reason why fans are so essential is that they keep insects and flies at bay. Even the mosquitoes can be kept at a safe distance with the help of a fan. The houseflies can be really annoying especially when one is sitting to eat. Foods attract them in large numbers. Modern fans give off strong breeze and thus deter the flies from hovering over the food.


Paddle fans are safe since they are usually installed over the ceiling and are therefore away from the reach of kids and pets. So, in terms of safety quotient too, we need to worry even one bit.

Great variety:

The variety which is available in today’s time can just make us swoon and drool. Unlike the meager collections from the past, modern fans have certainly brought more variety in terms of looks, designs, themes & sizes.


The low prices are always a big entice.

Suits the background:

Modern day paddle fans suit the background and walls absolutely. To find out more about our industrial fan supplier in Singapore click here.